Room Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency & Cooling Capacity Data – Zenith 2010

How is cooling capacity for room air conditioners measured?
Cooling capacity is measured by Btu or British thermal units.  Room air conditioners with higher capacity in Btus have higher cooling capacity.  One British thermal unit is roughly equivalent to the thermal energy released by burning one kitchen match. That may not sound like much, but a typical home consumes about 100 million Btus per year.

What is the “EER” for room air conditioners?
EER refers to Energy Efficiency Ratio.  The EER represents a room air conditioner’s cooling output (in Btus) divided by its power consumption (in watts). The higher the EER is, the more efficient the air conditioner.

FTC 2012 Room Air Conditioners – Listed by Energy Usage
Data Submitted – May 2012
Brand Name Model Number Capacity – (Btu) EER – (Energy Efficiency Rating)
Zenith 2010 ZW5010 5,000
Zenith 2010 ZW5010Y0 5,000 9.7
Zenith 2010 ZW6510R 6,500